Policy on Personal Information Protection

1. Acquisition of Personal Information
Triangle Japan DMC Limited (Referred to as “the Company” hereinafter), as a Travel Agency that conduct Tour based on the Japan Travel Agency Act. The Company utilizes personal date within the scope of the intended use that is clearly communicated to customers. The company will ensure that all officers and employees recognize and comply with the laws and regulations and will continously improved and keep the officer and employees updated.
2. Use of Personal Information
The Company uses personal information within the following purposes as long as it is necessary.
  • (a) For use in contract within The Company and customers.
  • (b) For the purpose of contact with customer whenever it is necessary.
  • (c) For the purpose of utilizing it to the necessary extent for the arrangement and receipt of travel servises provided by transportation facilities and/or accomodation facilities.
  • (d) For the purpose of provision of insurance services in the case of any accident.
  • (e) For the purpose of utilizing it to the necessary extent for the arrangement and receipt of travel servises and other related servises provided by The Company.
  • (f) For the purpose of distributing tour products and/or promotional materials.
  • (g) For the purpose of providing previllage services.
  • (h) For the purpose of marketing analysis for development of better products or services in the future.
3. Management of Personal Information
The Company maintains personal information as accurately as possible and manages it safely by taking below action.
  • (a) Taking actions for appropriate information security against unauthorized access, to prevent loss, damage, alterationa and leakage of personal information and for safety control of personal information.
  • (b) The company will carry out appropriate education and supervision on each officers and employees with in order to keep personal information confidential and to be handled accurately and securely.
4. Home Page
Although The Company’s homepage is the public webpage which can be access by every party through out the world, Japanese law shall govern the condition of use of this website.

Established as of 1st March 2012

Hiroyuki Kawamura, President
Triangle Japan DMC Limited