Private Charter Vehicle Pack

Code:Private Charter Vehicle Pack

Private Charter Vehicle Pack
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Private Charter Vehicle – Family travel can never get so easy, three generations, no worries of aged grand parents, parents, young kid and/or baby. You can now enjoy a hassle free family holiday. What’s best, we have below free value adds just for you.
1. Free baby pack – Baby stroller, diapers, baby wipes and baby toys.  
2. Free elderly pack – Foldable wheel chair, walking stick, disposable wipes and disposable uribag.
3. Free duo bundle communication
a. Pocketalk with 2 ways instant translation, easy to carry, able to communicate with Japanese or v.v, 74 languages and more to come.
b. Pocket WIFI device, limitless internet access, multiple device connection, phone credits worry free and best handy solution.

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