Mt. Fuji Climb - once in a lifetime experience

Code:Mt. Fuji Climb - once in a lifetime experience

Mt. Fuji Climb - once in a lifetime experience
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Live the dream, embark on once in a lifetime experience, brace yourself to climb on Mt Fuji. Mt Fuji was designated as World Heritage Site on 22 June 2013. Since many years back, Mt. Fuji has been a sacred mountain and worshipped by people. In the mountain precincts there are lots of historic and cultural heritages associated with Mt Fuji worship called Five Lakes Fujiko, which flourished during Edo period.

Mt. Fuji is designated as a uniquely sacred natural beauty, it has since be the local government protection and preservation. As such, many people includes the locals wish to climb the mountain as once in a lifetime experience. The season starts from early July to early September, other months are prohibited. Our program will base on Yoshida Trail which the easiest among the four trails.

So adventure seekers, can you imagine while you are near 3776m above the sea level, above the cloud, admiring the beautiful sunrise? So bring it on your fitness and clock a lifetime experience, prepare to get dirty, multiple sharing in the mountain hut, compromise to the simple meal, train up your stamina, leg muscle at least one month before the climb etc. Wow, the entire experience is gonna be so inspiring and awesome, so let’s brace it. We will furnish the rules & regulations before the climb.

Day 1 – Arrival in Tokyo, shared transferred to city hotel.
Accommodation: Your choice of city hotel from 3 star to 5 star

Day 2 – Own transfer from your hotel to meeting point at Keio Plaza Hotel Shinjuku, main tower 3F at check-in counter.
07:10am: Meeting time
07:30am: Depart from Shinjuku Metropolitan Government parking lot
11:30am: Mt Fuji 5th station (90min)
13:00pm: Yoshida Trail Head, Lake Kawaguchiko side (160min)
17:00pm: Arrive at mountain Hut ‘Toyokan’ above Mt Fuji 7th station(dinner) *The group will sleep for a short time at mountain hut at
2,910m. The mountain hut accommodation consists of a mixed men’s and women’s room with bunk beds, and 1 mat of space per person(about 1m by 2m). Hamburg steaks will be served for dinner.
22:30pm: Depart from Mountain Hut ‘Toyokan’ above Mt Fuji 7th station(300min)

Day 3 – Second day at Mountain
03:00 – 05:00am: Visit Mt Fuji mountain top and the mountain crater (120min)
09:00: Descend via Yoshida Trail towards Lake Kawaguchi (240min)
11:30am: Depart from Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko 5th station
12:30 – 15:00pm: Lake Yamanaka Onsen, Benifuji-no-yu (150min)
18:00 – 19:00pm: Tour end near JR Shinjuku Station West Exit

Day 4 – Free day in Tokyo
Accommodation: Your choice of city hotel from 3 star to 5 star

Day 5 – Departure by shared transferred to airport

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