5 Days Osaka Foodie Tour

Code:5 Days Osaka Foodie Tour

5 Days Osaka Foodie Tour
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Did you know Takoyaki is originated from Osaka? Tako (Octopus) Yaki (fried), this amazing food is a ball-shaped Japanese snack or appetizer. It can be considered as Osaka street food while other households, especially in Osaka region, make Takoyaki at home. Our uniquely sourced Osaka food tour does offer you the interesting hand-on experience, so you will have the chance to learn from start to the finish, best be treated to your cooked Takoyaki. Other time, please take a stroll down to Shinsaibashi where you could find many Osaka street food. Our tour also features Fugu (pufferfish) cuisine, the preparation is strictly controlled by law of Japan, it is prepared by the qualified chef whom normally well trained for at least three years in order to prepare hence it is so special and precious experience. Fugu is normally served in sashimi.


Learn to cook Takoyaki, explore the foodie trail along Shinsaibashi, celebrate the notorious dishes Fugu (pufferfish).

  • 4 nights hotel stay
  • Return airport transfer from Kansai airport
  • DIY Takoyaki making experience
  • Treated the uniquely pufferfish cuisine

Day 1: Osaka Kansai airport – transfer to hotel on seat-in coach

Day 2: Participate the Takoyaki making

Day 3: Take a foodie trail along Shinsaibashi

Day 4: Kuromon Ichiba Market – Pufferfish cuisine

Day 5: Check out hotel – departure transfer to Osaka Kansai airport on seat-in coach

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